Accenture Survey – Characteristics That Attract Job Seekers


Why do some companies wonder why job seekers and top talent haven’t simply reached out to them on their own free will? They’re wondering why their system isn’t backlogged with candidate after candidate that are wanting to come work for them under their tentpole. Well, it’s time to change that way of thinking and we’re going to help break it down!

Brand management is a popular topic these days. Brand your company. Brand your employees. Brand yourself. Brand this and brand that too while you’re at it! Don’t get me wrong, all of this is phenomenal because it IS all about the brand, which is an extension of yourself as well.

But why don’t you see more companies branding themselves in a way that will stand out and attract future employees and talent? Why don’t these same companies strategically construct a way to extend their brand management initiatives in that direction? It often goes ignored for smaller companies that are growing and even existing ones that are in the upwards shift of a slow and steady growth.

It’s time to examine this a bit more, which will hopefully get your brainstorming sessions working at an even more rapid pace. I don’t believe you should ever tell someone what to do or exactly how to do it, but what you can give them are tools in which they can personalize and set in motion in their own way.

I wanted to include a survey by Accenture. Take a look at the results and think to yourself if you’re hitting the points mentioned. Perhaps you’re already on top of these initiatives and are sailing high in the sky. Perhaps you would like to look at everything from a different angle and add to your current culture. Either way, these are great findings that shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t forget, it’s a constant process of evolution and not so cut and dry as some may think.

Key survey findings:

Employer Characteristic (% of Respondents Selecting
Priorities of Job Seekers Employer Characteristic Priority)

1. Challenging and interesting work (60%)
2. Recognizes and rewards
accomplishments (58%)
3. Provides an opportunity for fast
career growth and advancement (44%)
4. Financially strong/will prosper
in the long run (42%)
5. People-oriented (42%)
6. Offers flexible work arrangements (41%)
7. Innovative (33%)
8. Approachable (27%)
9. Team-oriented environment (27%)
10. Global company (26%)
11. Offers a variety of work (26%)
12. Smart (21%)
13. Collaborative environment (17%)
14. Committed to the community/corporate
citizenship (16%)
15. Diverse workforce (16%)


Let’s break down some of these results. The top two results were overwhelmingly in the lead, meaning challenging/interesting work and recognizing/rewarding your accomplishments were heavy hitters. So we can easily see that creating a culture where employees and future candidates KNOW that you recognize their success through their hard work is crucial. I’ve seen many companies have incentive programs, yet employees are vaguely familiar with them…..much less prospective job seekers. Also, what makes your company interesting? What makes you different? Promote those characteristics. Make them a part of your brand. Be interesting!

A majority of job seekers didn’t pinpoint such programs as diversity and corporate citizenship on top of their list. What does that mean? Well, in my opinion it clearly states that candidates are looking for a results/incentive driven position with an innovative company that will personally impact them. They don’t want the dull and mundane, even if said company is a successful one. People want to be excited about their work and feel good about it, plain and simple. Make it happen!

The survey, which queried more than 4,100 job-seekers in 21 countries in North and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, was to identify the most-valued career goals of both entry-level and experienced job seekers.

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