Caught On Video – Gamestop Employee Berating Customer In Packed Store


Talk about bad press. During the release for Grand Theft Auto 5, a customer is berated, mocked, and made fun of in front of the whole store to see. Meanwhile, someone was filming the whole thing and decided to toss it up on Twitter for everyone to see. It caught the attention of the folks at Gamestop and action was taken.

I personally have no idea what this lady was thinking. If you are having an issue with a customer, client, etc… handle it as professionally as you can, especially in front of a store full of people. Never do you outright talk down to someone like that, which is completely senseless and classless. I’m glad Gamestop stepped up and handled the matter. One can only imagine if anything would’ve actually happened internally at the location if the incident wasn’t caught and recorded.

The Review:

This lady is out of her mind and needs to issue some sort of an apology. Do I see that happening from someone this tasteless? Of course not.

Check out the 2 minute clip/story on the link below.