Talkin’ Bout A Revolution


A revolution. A personal revolution against everyone who says you can’t do what you want to do. Against everyone who has doubts, but is actually doubting themselves. It’s time to step up and grab what’s yours. The time has come where you need to lace up the boots, man the ship, and say, “LET’S GO!”

Even if you’re an existing business owner, you want more. You want to evolve your company to new heights and you have a vision in place. Even if you don’t realize a vision in stored in that creative mind of yours, there is one there. During my trainings for startups and helping develop/build out companies, I notice a thought has been put out there in motion, just waiting to break free. Most of the time it’s our own selves holding us back from that absolute prosperity that is relative towards every one of us. It’s that belief system we have for ourselves and our company.


Listen…….everything is relative. What’s a huge feat to one is a small/forgotten task to another. What’s an easy goal to accomplish is a giant triumph for someone else. You see, it’s all relative. When you’re on the phone or face to face with a client, they have no idea if you’re worth $300 or $3 million dollars. Embrace that $3 million dollar mindset, where you strongly believe you have that much just sitting there in the bank and the confidence is pouring out of you. There is zero difference from Person A to Person B…..except for that personal belief system.

Let’s corral up the troops and head into battle. It’s time to take what’s ours and owning every part of the process along the way!


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