The Workplace Revolution

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Why do management teams feel they can talk down to and belittle employees? I understand the “we are a family” way of thinking, the good comes with the bad, etc… but this has simply spiraled out of control. Not everywhere is like this, of course…..which is why I proudly salute companies that have a great working environment.

Is it stress the managers are under? Is it something going on at home? Or are they simply control freaks where if it’s not done their way to the T, they get out of control? I firmly believe that many people think that if they are under a certain amount of workplace stress with their workload, that means they’re working harder. I think not, my friend. It’s all relative anyway, stress that is. One person can freak out over x,y,z, while to another, it’s no sweat off their back. But don’t push your own personal issues onto the team you’re leading. Don’t make them worry about yet another part of their job, when in reality it’s simply yourself that’s holding everyone back. Below is a link to lawsuit about a woman who was awarded $280k for being belittled and harassed at work after her boss used specific language her way.

Jury Awards $280k In Workplace Lawsuit

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The Review:

Create a strong, positive atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and flourish. They got hired for a reason, so let them shine! Throw that tacky, gossipy, 15 year old mindset out the window and embrace a world where the only thing that matters is positive evolution. Notice I didn’t say change. I don’t believe people need to necessarily change, simply evolve to where they’re capable of. Look at these huge companies out in Palo Alto. They create an upbeat, positive movement where everyone can be who they are. Let’s start being game changers and not look back!

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